How to attract visitors to your booth

Trade shows are a great source of new leads and exposure for a business. Similar to other forms of marketing, trade shows are about results. The higher the number of attendees you can attract to your booth, the more leads you will walk away with from the trade show. This article highlights eight effective tactics that will allow you to attract visitors to your booth.

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Let people know that you will be there

The key to getting visitors to your booth is informing them that you will be at the particular trade show. Some great ways to do this are:

  • Sharing the even on social media sites
  • Sending out emails to customers inviting them to visit your booth.
  • Uploading banners or articles on your website that contain invitation to customers to visit you at your stand.
  • You can even join event organizers and work closely with them to increase your publicity and even link your business name with the event.

Be sure to clearly include all the details of the event such as the location, time, date, stand number etc. Start advertising your business exhibition plans early so that people can plan it in.

Create a corporate dress code

A smart dress code creates a professional look for your brand. Also, visitors are more likely to come to your booth and enquire about your products if they can identify who the staff are. The dress code does not have to be all formal, even a simple accessory will help the guests know who to approach.

Enthusiastic staff members

Having the right staff members is key to how attract visitors to your booth. A mix of knowledge, outgoing and friendly is what you should look for.

You should also mix spotter and hook candidates. A hook candidate is one who attracts people to the booth while a spotter approaches people and brings them to the booth.

Having an enthusiastic team that knows the goal of the business and is willing to strive to achieve them will not only attract more visitors to your booth but also lead to the success of your business.

Stand layout

A visually appealing booth is more likely to attract potential customers. If your booth has different components, it is important to create a layout and design that maximizes the available space.

A good idea is to try several layouts before the exhibition. Set up everything in your backyard or workplace so you can get the right layout. You can also ask friends or colleagues which layout they like and what they would changes.

Accessorize your stand

The finishing touches are as important as the booth’s design. Adding accessories adds more finesse and helps to complete the look of the stand.

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Giveaways and competitions

Giveaways and competitions create a buzz around your booth and definitely can allow you to attract visitors.

Come up with an exciting competition for visitors to participate and win a prize in return. This will get you the business leads you are looking for.

Offer free Wi-Fi

With so many attendees tweeting and checking in a small space, a reliable Wi-Fi at your booth will play a big part in attracting an audience.

You can even use Wi-Fi to generate leads by requiring users to create an account with email address in order to log in.

Create a place to relax and recharge batteries

Trade shows are often exhausting. Interacting with sales rep, walking around and taking part in conferences can take a toll of any attendee and leave them tired.

Instead of being like the other booths, create a quiet place with power outlet, sofas and comfortable armchairs complete with coffee and Wi-Fi for attendees to relax and chat.